How to Tighten Your Vagina With Vinegar

Tighten Your Vagina With Vinegar


Loose vagina muscle is a problem that affects a lot of women especially those that have just delivered. This occurs when the vagina muscles over-stretches so that the fetus can easily pass during delivery. After a few days, it normally goes back to its normal size or close to its size. However, at the time, it may fail return to its normal size and results in looseness. A loose vag is a big obstacle to women enjoying sex as before because the friction is reduced. This makes women have low self-esteem and shy off from indulging in sex because they feel that the man won’t enjoy their sex. Therefore, the good news to such women is that there many effective and safe ways to make their vag smaller and stronger without spending large amounts of money. The debate of using vinegar to tighten the vagina muscles has been on for quite a while now. Vinegar has been used as a traditional therapy for hundreds of years to shrink the vag. Therefore, here are some of ways to make your vagina tighter with vinegar.

1. Vinegar Bath

Vinegar was used traditionally for hundreds of years by women during their baths. Women added some few teaspoons to their bath water and bathed in it for around half an hour. Anecdotal evidence proved that the vinegar tightened the vag skin. Therefore, to use the vinegar to tighten your vag, add vinegar in your bath water mix well and soak for about thirty minutes. Thereafter, as you normally do, take a bath in the solution. In addition, you can fill your bathtub with warm water, put two cups of vinegar solution in it and sit in that solution for ten to twenty minutes. Although this method has not been scientifically proven, ancient women used this method, and it worked.

What does a vinegar bath do for females?

Having a healthy vag is very important to the healthy births, healthy marriage, and overall health of a woman. Vaginal odor can be embarrassing, and it’s a sign that there might be some health issues. Some home remedies such as bathing in vinegar can be of great help. The apple cider vinegar has wonderful antibacterial and antiseptic properties that aid in fighting vaginal odor. Taking a bath with the vinegar helps to fight off the bacteria and toxins that cause vaginal odor and also restores the vaginal flora acidity quality. Also, the white vinegar helps to neutralize the vaginal odors by breaking the odor proteins down.

2. Using Vinegar Douche

If you are not sure of cleaning the vag using vinegar, worry no more because using vinegar to clean your vag keeps it fresh, clean, free of infections, and smelling great. The good thing with vinegar douching is that it can help tighten your vag walls too. The vinegar douching solution works by the tightness and elasticity of the vag wall being restored and balances the vags pH levels. Some women have used the douching method and have proved to be effective.

How to use and prepare the natural douche at home:

  • Mix two parts of water with one part of vinegar liquid.
  • Fill up a squeeze bottle with the water-vinegar solution prepared.
  • While a shower or bathtub, insert the squeeze bottle tip into the vulva after rinsing the vaginal cavity.
  • Squeeze the vinegar-water solution to release the solution into your vaginal cavity till you finish off the solution.
  • You can bath immediately or rinse the outer vaginal area with warm water.

3. Drinking the Vinegar

For this method, the apple cider vinegar is mostly used. To use this method, mix few tablespoon of honey with part of apple cider vinegar and drink regularly. The solution works to balance your vag pH and detoxify it. After drinking the solution, rinse your mouth with warm water to protect your teeth from marinade acidity nature. If you don’t like the taste, you can also include the vinegar in some of your diets such as salads. This method takes longer regarding vagina tightening than the other vinegar remedies however it also proves to show best results. To get the best results, consume the vinegar at least once after every two days.

Does vinegar tighten your vag?

Vinegar is effective is regaining vaginal tightness because it has acetic acid which main property is astringent. This means that it contracts the skin and other body tissues. The property helps the vagina to tighten if it is used in the correct amount. This is just a temporary solution but has no long-lasting results. However, practicing these ways of using the vinegar to tighten the vag can help you get the desired results.

Precautions when using the vinegar to tighten your vag:

  • Do not apply the vinegar directly into your vag as it can result to dryness. Also, you are likely to experience dryness and itching sensation, vaginal or leg discharge, and pain in the butt.
  • After drinking the vinegar solution, immediately drink a glass of warm water as being exposed to the acidity nature of marinade corrodes the teeth making them weak with time.
  • You risk contracting human papillomavirus (HPV) when douching, and the virus can sometimes result in cancer.


The above information is possibly everything you need to know when it comes to vag tightening using vinegar. When it comes to this method, it is effective as any soap or cream that you buy at the store. The advantage is that vinegar is free of chemical and is healthier for the human body than anything that can be in vaginal tightening creams. The good thing with vinegar is that it contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties to fight bacterial infections and also clears vagina odor. A woman can be embarrassed by her loose vag which lowers her self-esteem. Also cleaning vagina with vinegar makes it smell great, keeps away odors yeast infections such as Candida. If this method does not work on you, don’t worry there are other remedies available to tighten the vag, such as using vaginal tightening gel.

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