How to Tighten Your Vagina Using Gel and Exercise


Many women reach the point where they start to wonder about how to tighten their vagina. Of course, before reaching that point, a lot women start off by wondering if there are ways to tighten a vagina. Some very young women may even wonder why they would ever have a need to tighten things up down there.

But we can’t all remain as tight as a mafia don’s teenage daughter, can we? In fact, there is a very good chance that the vagina of a such a well-protected virgin will not be as tight as her father hopes by the time she reaches her mid-20s, and not because she could not possibly ever be considered a virgin anymore. The great news, ladies, is that you can feel free to have all the sex you want–with as many different partners if that’s your thing–without worry about no longer being as tight as you used to be.

Even if you became particularly popular with the guys because of a reputation for being tight, your need to eventually ask how to tighten your vagina is related less to the quantity of lovers than to quality of those muscles found within. It’s all about elasticity and the structural integrity of that ability to expand and contract. Sexual intercourse involving penetration of anything–whether human flesh or otherwise–does, indeed, expand the vaginal walls. But that expansion is temporary. The real culprits in discovering that your vagina isn’t as tight as it used to be lie elsewhere. Such as the aging process, multiple natural childbirths, various medical disorders and those ever unpredictable hormones.

Vaginal TighteningWhile there is little you can do to control these effects of nature on your body, you don’t have to be just sit there and accept the loosening. The loss of the kind of vaginal tightening you used to have can result in an ability to achieve orgasm as well as an overall reduction in the enjoyment of sexual activity. When there is such a wealth of things to do to tighten your vagina, it really makes no sense to depend on ever larger toys for satisfaction or to give up on sexual satisfaction entirely.

One of the most popular natural ways to tighten a vagina is with Kegel exercises. Start by heading to the bathroom to pee and during mid-stream use your muscles to stop the flow. If the flow of urine does halt, you’ve found the muscles you need to focus on during Kegel exercises. All that is now required to use Kegel exercises as a way to give your vaginal foundation a workout is to find a place where you can be alone, stretched out on the floor and motivated to spend enough time squeezing those muscles you used to stop peeing.

What fun!

Actually, there is a very fun way to tighten your vagina. The only problem is that one of the symptoms of vaginal looseness that have driven you to find ways to tighten things back up down there is a vital part of this fun method. If you can still achieve orgasm on a fairly regular basis, now’s the time to forget about being a lady and turn into a dirty girl. The muscles of the pelvic floor contract during orgasm and that contraction is a very effective–not to mention pleasurable–way of tightening your vagina.

But what if your vaginal looseness is already to the point where orgasm is twice as hard as finding the motivation to do those Kegel exercises? What’s a girl to do?

That’s where vagina tightening products like V-Tight Gel comes to the rescue. The real magic of the vaginal tightening gel is that it manages to make you motivated to do the Kegel exercises that are a proven way to increase tightness. How does this magic occur? Because V-tight gives a serious motivational boost to the process. Application of the gel V very quickly begins to restore a sense of supple firmness within your vagina that you will experience the next time you have sex. That sexual activity will be more pleasurable than you have been experiencing since your vaginal walls started loosening.

The way that V-Tight Gel restores the contraction of your vaginal walls while also help lubrication during intercourse and improving your ability to reach orgasm are exactly the things that are missing from doing Kegel exercises alone. Want to know how to tighten your vagina? V-Tight Gel to get you motivated and good old-fashioned physical exercise to regain maximum tightness.

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