Tighten Your Vaginal Walls at Home

v tight gelFor those who suffer from a loose vagina, your self-esteem is one of the first things to take a hit. It feels like within just a few years we can go from having a tight vag we love to a loose one we’re embarrassed by. Luckily, there are a series of options that are available to help you get the body you loved back, and best of all, none of them involve risky surgical procedures. We’ve compiled a list of natural remedies to tighten the vagina, and you can do them all from the comfort of your home.


Reasons for Vaginal Looseness

While many women may feel alone or ostracized for experiencing looseness in their vagina, it’s really a perfectly natural event in women’s lives. Typically, there are three reasons you might experience vaginal looseness, and many women experience all three within their lifetime.

– Pregnancy and Child Birth. The most commonly known culprit of the loss of vaginal tightness. During pregnancy, your pelvic floor is under an immense amount of pressure as it carries a developing child and is under even more when you actually give birth. After months of having a constant and growing weight placed on your pelvic floor, it’s easy to see why it loses some of the elasticity it once had. That being said, it is possible for women to regain the strength they once had, even after natural childbirth.

– Aging. The most common reason for a loose vag is general aging. As we age, the muscles that work constantly to keep the vulva tight begin to weaken, like many other muscles in your body. In addition to this, our skin can also lose much of its elasticity, showing signs of aging when it comes to you and your vagina.

– Medical Conditions. Unbeknown to some, there are a variety of medical conditions that can play a part in causing a woman’s vagina to be loosened or causing your vulva to look flappier than it once did. However, this is significantly rarer of a culprit. It’s important to consult a qualified medical professional if you’re concerned that your looseness is caused by something other than aging or pregnancy.


Ways to tighten your Vagina from Home

Home Remedies to Tighten Vaginal WallsFor those looking for an alternative to surgical procedures, or maybe just looking for a more natural path to take when trying to tighten your vagina, there are a variety of options you can try. Everyone’s path to recovery will look different, and a combination of treatments is always best.

– Healthy Diet. The first step towards getting your vagina tight again is to have a healthy diet. What we eat daily can and will affect how our body looks and feels, and a healthy diet will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It’s best to focus on eating foods that are naturally high in estrogen. Try to add foods like sesame seeds, pomegranates, and soybeans to your diet. It’s also important that you try to consume a variety of wholegrain organic carbs in combination with lean animal protein. Try to stay away from the old wives tale that vinegar is the best solution to tightening your vagina. In reality, there’s no real proof to support the claim and can lead to a negative effect of the body’s pH balance. All in all, it’s a good idea to consult with a dietitian about a new meal plan specifically designed to help the elasticity of your vaginal muscles.

– Regular exercise. Just as important as a healthy diet is regular exercise. Exercise, in general, has been shown to help the aging process, but it can also play a huge role in the health of your vagina. It’s important to choose a form of exercise you love, but there are a few vagina-friendly exercises you can do in addition to your choice workout. Focusing on squats is highly advised by professionals due to the fact that it works both your glutes and vaginal muscles. Leg ups are another great exercise, performed by laying on your back and carefully lifting your legs into the air. Try your best to keep your legs straight for this exercise, and you should notice a toning in your legs, back, core, and vagina.

– Vaginal toning exercises. Some of the most effective exercises in tightening your vagina are the infamous Kegel exercises. These exercises largely consist of contracting and holding your pelvic floor muscles for short periods of time. For those looking for help identifying their pelvic floor muscles, try stopping urination midstream. If you can successfully, the muscles you’ve utilized are your pelvic floor muscles.

– Vaginal tightening gels. The most recommended tightening gel is the V-Tight Gel, a cream that works to strengthen and tighten your vag overnight. With natural ingredients, V-Tight is safe and easy to use. Just squeeze the gel on your fingertips and slide along your vaginal walls. Within a few minutes of massaging, you should feel tightness return, and by using the product consistently, you’ll see long-term changes. When combined with other methods listed above, tightening creams can work wonders as a home remedy for tight vaginas.

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When looking to keep your vagina tight, or even looking to tighten your vag lips again, there’s a variety of options. There’s a series of vagina tightening home remedies that you can do whenever you feel comfortable, and in time, you will see the amazing benefits. Childbirth or aging doesn’t have to mean the loss of a tight vagina.

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