What Does A Loose Vag Look Like?

What Does A Loose Vag Look LikeThe vagina is one of the body parts which every woman is highly conscious and sensitive about. Maybe it’s because it’s what gives every woman the feminine tag or just because it’s the only part which differentiates her from other women because studies show no two vaginas are alike. It doesn’t matter if they are twins or not, they will never look alike. Either way, most people treasure vaginal tightness, and many women tend to be conscious about their status down there because no one wants to be dubbed as loose. Unfortunately, a big percentage of the female population tend to suffer the issue of a loose vag at some point in their lives but not all of them can tell whether they are loose or tight unless their spouse or boyfriends tell them that they have a flappy vagina which can be quite humiliating. So what does a loose vag look like and what does a tight vagina look like? Read on below to find out all you need to know about this hot yet sensitive topic.

What does a tight vagina look like?

It is difficult to tell whether Miss Vijay is tight or lose by just looking at it. However, one way to know a tight vagina by looking at it is if you cannot see the vaginal orifice when you take a pussy selfie. Nonetheless, there are many ways to tell if its lose which is what we will focus on below.

How to tell if your vagina is loose

There are many ways to tell if your vagina is loose, but most women tend just to assume they are tight which is not always the case. So if you are a woman seeking to know how your lady bits are you are in the right place because below are some of the pointers to a loose pussy.

You no longer achieve orgasms

Achieving orgasm from every sexual intercourse session is every woman’s dream, and actually, it is one of the reasons why most people have sex for both men and women. However, if you used to reach orgasms in the past without any problems but now it takes time for you to enter the ninth cloud then that is one way to tell you have a flappy pussy and that you need to do something about it before it reaches the land of no return. Women with tight vaginas experience frequent orgasms in comparison to those with lose lady bits. Therefore if your partner is finding it difficult to help you achieve orgasms, then you’re lose down there.

When you can no longer hold back your urine

Another pointer to a stretched vagina is the inability to hold back your urine. Women with tight vaginas can go for hours while withholding their urine. They can even take three or more hours without any difficulty. However, a woman with a saggy vagina tends to experience urine leakage whenever they feel the urge to urinate particularly if they cough, sneeze or laugh.

When you are only sensitive to large objects

One of the main ways to tell if your vagina is loose is if you no longer get turned on by small objects. If you realize that the only way for you to get masturbatory pleasure is by using larger sex toys and your fingers can no longer get you there, then you are lose down there. Additionally, if your spouse used to get you going and nowadays they can no longer offer the sexual satisfaction like they used to before then that should act as a red light to a flappy pussy which you should do something about. Reason being most men end up with bruised egos if they cannot satisfy their partners sexually and that may lead to broken relationships.

If you can’t grip your index finger

This is a test that most women do to test the tightness of their vaginas, and it’s also one of the primary ways to tell if you have a loose vagina. You do it by sliding your index finger down there and hold it with your vaginal walls by contracting the muscles. If you cannot feel any tightness around it, then chances are you have a flappy pussy. To be sure, insert your middle finger and again contract your vaginal muscles to see if you can grip these fingers. If you still can’t feel anything then try again with three fingers, and if the results are the same, then it is confirmed you are loose so try and do exercises which will help you regain your vagina’s lost glory. We are going to offer tips on some of the natural ways to tighten your fanny later on so don’t panic because we got your back.

When you no longer satisfy your partner

Sex is two-way traffic, and as mentioned earlier, the primary goal is for both of you to reach orgasms, but if you find it hard to even turn your man on yet you used to do that effortlessly in the past then there are reasons for you to be worried. Additionally, if you are turning him on but he finds it difficult to climax then you might be having a flappy pussy. However, he may also be the one having a problem, so this should not bring you down so much. But if all the above pointers apply to you and you suddenly notice that your boyfriend, spouse or sexual partner is having difficulties with achieving orgasms then there is no arguing over that because you have a stretched vagina.

So what can you do about it? Below are a few recommendations

  • Begin doing Kegel exercises which will help you regain tightness and also help with urine leakages. You can either use Kegel weights or ben wa balls, and the good thing about Kegel workouts is that you can perform them right from the comfort of your home
  • Yoga exercises are also quite helpful as they tend to tighten the muscles related to vaginal tightness

In a nutshell

A saggy vagina should not cause you stress as it is quite normal and happens to almost every woman especially after birth just that they can never say it to your face. So a flappy pussy should not lower your self-worth as there are plenty of options for you to get a tight vagina. The above exercises are the most effective ones, but if you have the money, then vaginal rejuvenation surgery is another alternative to get your tightness back quickly. Or make use of the vaginal tightening creams in the market but be sure to consult with your gynecologist.

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