Women Find Help with Vaginal Rejuvenation Technology

Vaginal RejuvenationVaginal rejuvenation is a new procedure that is designed to tighten the inner and outer muscles of the vagina. The purpose of the procedure is to increase vaginal muscle tone, strengthen the vaginal muscle walls, and tighten up the vaginal structure to give women better sexual and urinary control. There are different reasons why women request a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. It may be that a woman who has a number of children, which can stretch the vagina structure, will want to repair the area. Another reason for this procedure may be due to damage of the vaginal canal.

The more popular reason to have this procedure performed is an aesthetic purpose for women who want to look better in the vaginal area, perhaps due to the aging process. The vaginal surgery is performed by specialists in this field, which are cosmetologists, urologists, and gynecologists. This procedure is generally not performed solely, other procedures that can accompany this process is as follows:

  • Clitoral Unhooding – this procedure removes the tissue that covers the clitoris.
  • Hymenoplasty – the thin tissue or “hymen” that is in the front portion of the vagina is what breaks first when a woman has sex for the first time. Some women are now asking for this virginal type condition. A hymenoplasty is a surgery that can repair the hymen to mimic its original state.
  • G Spot – a G-spot amplification procedure is when collagen is injected into the front wall of the vagina, purportedly to help a woman feel increased sexual pleasure in her G-spot.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost

As in most surgical procedure, there are different factors involved in their costs. The surgical costs will vary due to the surgeon performing the operation, his or her facility location, what state the procedure is to be performed in, and the type of vaginal rejuevation that is being performed. A figure that is most common for a vaginal tightening procedure is between $3,000 to $12,000. Also, insurance companies don’t necessarily cover vaginal rejuvenation surgery for cosmetic reasons, however, if a patient has a condition that affects her health, then insurance companies do cover the surgery.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Before and After

There are many online websites that provide before and after photos of vaginal rejuvenation procedures. The main before and after stories involve women of all ages:

  • Mid 30’s: Due to multiple childbirths, this woman developed internal bleeding with her last child. She experienced incontinence and lack of sexual pleasure with her husband. After surgery she was ecstatic because sex felt normal again and her incontinence was gone.
  • 20 year old: She was bothered by the size, shape, and feel in her underwear, of her labia minora and over the years, which always gave her a problem in decreased vaginal sensation. After a vagina tightening surgery, she felt more confident, her vagina looked better in appearance, and she had no more discomfort.
  • 47 years old: Older women are experiencing better results with a vagina tightening procedure, including celebrities like Sharon Osborne. A 47 year old patient had the process performed due to a traumatic childbirth problem, where her perineal had a tear in it and did not heal properly. After surgery, she said that she felt physically different and whole again.


Vagina Tightening

Vagina Tightening procedure is called a vaginoplasty. The procedure is designed to tighten up a vagina that has become too loose from age and childbirth. Due to age and giving birth multiple times, the vaginal muscle areas becomes relaxed. Vaginal tightening surgery has successfully tightened the area back up. Vagina tightening also helps women experience better urinary control and women have stated that they experience greater pleasure with their partners.

How to Make The Vagina Tight

There are a number of products and methods, in addition to surgery, that are purported to help tighten a woman’s vaginal area. These include vaginal tightening creams which contain ingredients that do more than dry out the vagina walls, giving women a feeling of tightness. Physical therapy employs kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor area and to help strengthen the core. Laser surgery involves introducing low amounts of carbon dioxide into the intra-vaginal walls to help stimulate the grown of more collagen.

The latest device for vagina tightening is a device that uses radiofrequency to tighten the area. It is receiving good success outside the United States, but it is not in the US just yet. In a typical vaginal rejuvenation procedure, a surgeon uses a laser or scalpel to make incisions, they remove excess skin, and the remaining tissue is then tightened. The surgery is performed under general aesthesia and is considered an outpatient procedure that can take up to two hours. When the procedure is completed, it take one to two weeks to heal, but with an abstinence of sex for about 6 weeks.

V-tight Gel

v-tight gelV-tight gel is a vaginal tightening gel with favorable results in women who have vaginal problems associated with menopause, child birth, ectopic pregnancy, all of which causes symptoms like loose vagina walls, lack of proper lubrication and lack of elasticity. V-tight gel contains an ingredient called Manjakani, which is a powerful astringent herb that tightens the vagina muscles. In using the gel, the vagina becomes tight within 5 to 10 minutes. It is safe enough to use often, especially around 10 minutes before having sexual intercourse. Manjakani gel contains naturally safe ingredients, such as hazel leaf, arginine, and Manjakani extract. Manjakani as a V-tight vaginal rejuvenation gel, has received favorable reviews by physicians and scientists, also due to its non-side effects.

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